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For all types of property, security is a primary consideration. OPSEC Specialized Protection offers you professional and qualified security services 24 hours a day. We understand that all types of businesses require responsible, licensed, insured security services, and we are currently providing those services to members of the business and residential community.

OPSEC Specialized Protection has been in business since 2001 and has an aggregate service record of more than 45 years in the security industry.
Security Services


We have uniformed, licensed, educated and trained officers that will embody your company's philosophy, and your clients will notice it by our officers' professional attitude and appearance.
Property Security

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  • TFB 1349
  • TFF 1552
  • License # PPO 16139
Patrol Services

Patrol Division

A clearly marked and distinguished patrol vehicle will provide high visibility and deterrent towards crime. By driving a patrol vehicle, the officer is able to cover large areasfrequently, providing a quick response to calls. Vehicles are GPS-tracked and recorded.
Security Patrol

Sentry/Bike Division

By patrolling on foot, officers are able to check concealed areas. Professionally trained bicycle patrol officers are capable of patrolling medium to large areas. Bicycle patrols allow officers the mobility to patrol throughout walkways, parking lots, in and out of parked vehicles, and alleyways.The bicycle program is great for public relations.
Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around politicians and diplomats. We have obtained all the necessary permissions required to give the principal the best imaginable protection against both national and international threats.
Executive Protection

Security Training Academy 

Regardless of the private security industry job title, security jobs entail challenge, risk, and the potential for significant financial reward. Our students are able to secure jobs as Patrol Officers, Sentry Security Officers, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Private Security and Loss Prevention Agents.
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