Customizing Your Wheels: Three Ways You Can Achieve A Unique Look

30 July 2016
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Of all the ways you could personalize the look of your vehicle, the wheels are probably the most effective. When people see your car moving down the street, they tend to see the car's body first, and everything else second. However, if you have something flashy moving, like the wheels, then everyone else stops to see what is catching their eyes. Here are three ways you can achieve a unique look on your vehicle by customizing your wheels.Read More 

5 Indications That Your Brake Pads Need To Be Replaced

26 July 2016
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In order to operate your vehicle safely, your brake system must be kept in optimal condition. The brake system consists of multiple components, such as the brake lines, brake fluid and brake pads. When your brake pads need to be replaced, there are noticeable indications that may present. Here are a few of them:Squealing and SqueakingWhen you press the brake pedal of your car, force is transferred via the brake fluid to cause the brake pads to close around the rotors.Read More 

Prevent Road Tar From Tarnishing Your Vehicle With These Strategies

24 July 2016
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Whether you have a new vehicle or you're simply eager to protect an older vehicle, the last thing you want to experience is getting road tar on the lower parts of the vehicle's body panels. This black, sticky substance can solidly bond to the body panels and be difficult to remove. In extreme cases of damage, you may wish to visit your local auto body shop to see if the tar can be ground off and the panels can be refinished.Read More 

3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Brakes

20 July 2016
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Taking good care of your car is more than just protecting a good investment; it is a safety hazard if you don't care properly for your vehicle. Many people fail to educate themselves about cars and don't recognize the early signs that the car is having trouble. One of the most important parts of the car are the brakes. If you don't care for the brakes you could easily endanger everyone in the car.Read More 

A Couple of Important Questions About Windshield Replacements Addressed

18 July 2016
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The windshield of your car is one of the easier parts of the vehicle to overlook. Unfortunately, this can cause some car owners to make the error of delaying repairing damage to the glass, which can result in the windshield needing to be replaced. After you have the following couple of auto glass repair questions answered, you will be better prepared to handle this issue.Why Can't Some Types of Damage Be Repaired?Read More