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Cover Letters in 2020

Writing a cover letter isn’t always easy, yet it’s a necessary step in the application process for job seekers operating in today’s competitive job market. In 2020, a convincing cover...

Is “To Whom It May Concern” Acceptable on a Cover Letter?

For years, career experts have warned against using “To Whom It May Concern” on a cover letter,” claiming that it will hurt your chances of getting an interview.  But whether...

Ep8: Cure for the Common Resume

Is your resume sick and ineffective? Make sure you are building your resume to meet what hiring managers are looking for. Optimize language, format, and all other aspects of this ever-popular document.

Ep7: Own your Personal Brand

If you know your own behavior tendencies, you can become a more effective communicator. If you know your audiences behavioral tendencies, you can become a supreme communicator. The DISC behavioral system is a simple tool which can help you optimize how you write, speak, and interview with others with better results.

How to Land a Job with Little Experience

Job searching can be very frustrating for those who lack experience. Postings often seem like catch-22s: entry-level positions require experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. Whether you’re...

How to Promote Yourself at a Networking Event

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, the idea of being in a room of strangers to start a conversation can be nerve wrecking. Personal branding is one of the...




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