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Jim Davey - supplying Premium Handtools to Australian woodworkers for many years


This Site is all about Quality and Sharp - essential for Fine Woodwork.

Experience the joy of Quality tools, Hand Planes honed (by JD) and ready to use. Other Hand Tools essential to the woodworker as well as Stones and Guides to keep the edge tools Sharp. We also provide ramped Shooting Boards made by JD.

As well as Workshops, I'm always happy to talk about Sharpening and Plane Tuning problems.

Stay Sharp,

*** "Shed Isolation" Special on Veritas Tools***


Jim offers Hand Planes, provided sharp and ready to use. Other quality hand tools for woodworkers includes Saws, Chisels, Squares and the Sharpening Stones and Accessories.  Also making Shooting Boards and Accessories. (A flat board placed on the bench for trimming the ends, sides and mitres of boards.)

With over 60 years of experience in woodworking, Jim combines his knowledge and craftsmanship of woodworking to provide a premium range of woodworking tools. For this own JD products, he uses high quality materials.
Get in touch for premium woodworking tools or informative and practical teaching workshops.


Jim is also available to travel to any road show on woodworking. 

He is available to facilitate workshops on a range of topics on woodworking, and the relevant tools for this craft. He has given workshops that cover the sharpening tools used in woodworking, such as the hand planes, chisels and plane tuning fettling. 

These workshops can be facilitated at woodworking clubs or on location.


Jim sells woodworking tools that suit a variety of purposes. Whether you have taken up woodworking to create large furniture pieces for your home, or want to create small pieces that match its elegant, functional design with your specific interior decor, you’ll be able to find the tools you need with JD Woodworm.

With 60 years of experience in woodworking, Jim knows how to point you to the exact tools that you need, for the finish that you want!
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