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shinohai: Paging Kanzure
asciilifeform: !w poll
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adlai wonders why verisimilitude so frequently places contractions of first person verb forms in terminal position
adlai: it is not quite incorrect, at least, probably no more so than placing a preposition at the end when it is unambiguous what the preposition modifies.
adlai: also, there appear to be two missing hyphens in the second body paragraph of, where is written "character code-by-character code", instead of the more explicit "character-code-by-character-code"
adlai: and if your adherence to complete sentence structures extends outside of IRC, the previous paragraph's last three sentences should probably be one, thus: "This also has a large effect on programming languages: the mathematician... context; the programmer, cannot."
adlai: the elided referent of "with" in is probably not unambiguous.
adlai writes himself a tidy little "cease and desist, Prince Trippy has a comment protocol, use it" epilogue
verisimilitude: I've not yet entirely rewritten my 2018-06-06 article again; I agree.
adlai: incidentally, I found your descriptions of "real text" quite amusing, in light of an old astrol^H^H^H^H^H^Hgraphimetry pamphlet that I encountered recently, containing the author's typewritten alliterated bloviations about samples consisting mostly of signatures, although including a few lines of french and english prose, too.
asciilifeform: << the key to this 'roman a clef' is quite simple. in usg there are two subgroups -- one is privy to the '90s change of strategy where 'instead of trying to ban pgp / 'make water not wet' -- we'll encourage proliferation of faux crypto and honeypot 'services' ' ; the other, not privy. the latter continue the clinton-era bloviations a la 'clipper' .
snsabot: Logged on 2020-06-24 06:21:09 shinohai: Paging Kanzure
asciilifeform: the former actually encourage, to some extent, the latter, deliberately -- it gives flavour of credibility to the honeypot crapola, from chump pov.
asciilifeform: recall the demonstrative wank re ladar levison and his 'lavabit' etc.
shinohai: I'm convinced this is where we get things like, certain shitcoins, etc.
asciilifeform: certainly is
asciilifeform: where else.
asciilifeform: originality aint these folx's strong point. the recipe where 'grow controlled pseudo-opposition' worked so well in ex-sovok that it was copied wholesale.
asciilifeform: ... and it worx great. observe that e.g. linux wasn't banned, as such. but at same time 'civilian' can't get hold of an actual linux for love or money.
asciilifeform: and most folx dun even know that ye olde pgp is still, on paper, banned in e.g. fr, jp, ru, de. but 0 prosecutions -- it'd encourage use, naturally.
asciilifeform: in ru in particular they eagerly copied this crypto-circus -- what with 'telegram' and demonstrative 'bans' of it, and similar lavabits.
asciilifeform: anyffin, anyffin to keep folx from even thinking about actual (i.e. where the keyz live on yer hdd and nowhere else) crypto..
asciilifeform: exactly same tactic as the cultivation of 'anonism' to keep chumps from developing wot identities (as described in fact by mp in '13)
adlai: speaking of anyffin, asciilifeform : any idea how arithmetic turned into arifmetika?
asciilifeform: adlai: ?ριθμ??
adlai only sees question marks, sadly
asciilifeform: adlai: in pre-revolution ru texts, in fact they use the theta in the word
asciilifeform: ( at one time greek loan words were written in fact partially w/ the orig. letters , there )
adlai can read the glyphs via the web logger!
asciilifeform: adlai: see also : arithm. textbook used in ru for 200+ yrs.
asciilifeform: adlai: in the 1918 reform, letters which had already for centuries been pronounced a la ru, e.g. θ as Ф, ended up merged. process really started under peter, but only ran to completion 200y after his death
adlai: cool cover, missing only plato's inscription :)
asciilifeform: prior to peter, ru alphabet formally included almost all of the greek one.
asciilifeform: adlai: the b00k was interesting item per se -- 1st of its kind there, and peter in fact ennobled the author for having written it
adlai: incidentally, shinohai : I doubt kanzure himself monitors this channel. I think he began losing interest around when his company (iirc, LedgerX) began raising venture funds
asciilifeform: adlai: influence agents generally aint paid to bang head on wall (at least not perpetually) but to go where they have some roi.
adlai still lurks on-and-off in kanzure's channel, although it often just results in pointless arguments instead of productive conversation
asciilifeform 'refreshingly' not entirely forsaken by these vermin, e.g. the anonism pushers in www comments do still show up
asciilifeform: adlai: which was this, the one with the tedious haskellisms ?
adlai: imagine a distant future where schoolchildren studying the dark ages of computing refer to topics by the loper-os post number!
asciilifeform: lol
adlai: kanzure's channel is ##hplusroadmap, dunno what you mean by haskellisms... I have often seen FP proponents there, although most of the conversations are either scifi wankery, or folks griping about the crap quality of their secondhand equipment
asciilifeform: adlai: i tend to think of the whole subculture as 'haskellism'
adlai: haskellism, until urbit condita fuerat
asciilifeform: adlai: that there -- defo subspecies of haskellism
adlai: ahahaha "a digital equivalent of a nun's cunt"
adlai: at least that pseudonymous commenter chose an honest name!

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