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San Diego personal injury attorney Robert Colosia specializes in auto accident cases in San Diego.

People with a lawyer collect 3.7 times more money than people without a lawyer         

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert Colosia has many years of experience in settling auto accident and personal injury cases.  He has provided the best representation and achieved the best results for his clients, including over $1,000,000 in judgments and settlements.


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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

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san diego auto accident lawyer
                        Attorney Robert Colosia will help you win your case. Call Now and let him do the rest.


Attorney Robert Colosia is one of the few prominent San Diego Lawyers to sit on the Alumni Association Board of Directors at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  Mr. Colosia has handled hundreds of auto accident, personal injury and wrongful death cases, with over a$1,000,000for his clients in judgments, settlements and verdicts.

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            san diego personal injury attorney



You pay NO out of pocket costs to the lawyer.  If You Don't win, you Don't Pay. If you win, a percentage of your settlement is paid to your attorney. 

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san diego accident lawyer
Attorney Robert Colosia has been recognized as an exceptional Attorney by the St. Petersburg State University where he has been asked to publish his work in their law treatise and speak at their legal seminar.
san diego accident attorney
 Immigration Law is always changing, Ask our immigration lawyer about getting a green card.  Help your family member become a U.S. Citizen by adjusting their status to make them legal.



You need  the best san diego lawyer to fight for your rights and help you through this hardship to a rewarding result.   San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert Colosia has obtained over $1,000,000 for his clients!


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san diego auto accident lawyer

If your loved has died in an auto accident,DUI or due to someone else's negligence  Our personal injury attorneys will fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

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DUI                                           Learn what to do if stopped for a DUI or by the police, by reviewing our criminal lawyer tips page.  Here you can learn what to do when approached by police for a DUI or any situation.  Tips from an experience criminal attorney will help you and your family protect yourselves.

san diego personal injury attorney 

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert Colosia is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer that has achieved significant results for his clients who had auto accident and personal injury, and DUI cases. If you want a good san diego personal injury attorney, call Robert Colosia now. 

san diego lawyer

Contracts                                Don't sign a contract without consulting an experiencedcontracts lawyer. Does someone owe you money? Or is someone not living up to their end of the bargain? San Diego Lawyer Robert Colosia is an experienced in debt collectionand drafting contracts.

san diego personal injury attorney                                         

International Sports Law                                            Group C Sports Law Agency.  One of the leading Soccer Agencies in the United States with International Contacts andClients in the World Cup.  Learn more about Sports Law and sports agency.I                                                                                       

san diego personal injury lawyer       

Hollywood Representation                                          With Multiple Producers and Production company clients, Robert Colosia and partners can assist you in Hollywood.  Click here for more information about entertainment law., contract drafting and review.    



Divorce and Family Law                                   Protect yourself and listen to your san diego divorce lawyer before and during your divorce.  Problems of the heart can be a very emotional time, getting tips before your divorce from an attorney and throughout the court process can help you get the most during this tough time.

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