A good idea is difficult to achieve, it's like a speech, everyone is not self-taught ... It takes time one as the other; do not hesitate to contact me if you have a fairly precise and artistic project in wood that you need ... You can see on the left in Arts Work, what I can do for you! If you just need advice, you can send me an e-mail, I will answer you with pleasure.


Presentation of my Art Works:




Lunar Eclipse:

Red Moon on the way to Broken Bow (Oklahoma), 4th May 2015


Red Moon of Didier


I didn't try to see the Red Moon: I was going to Broken Bow to take back my Meteorite Sword (FHC)...This Best Red Moon is a total Eclipse of the moon (hidden by the earth); the moon eclipse was on the horizon of the earth and I was at the best spot in the best time.


Red Moon of Didier (3)


Some Bishops (from Church) said this Red Moon happens every four hundred years only...



Red Moon of Didier (4)


This Red Moon means it's "the End the world" in the Bible...



Red Moon of Didier (5)


For my, this Red Moon is the Gathering of Immortals...



Red Moon


Phenomena (Red Moon) lasted ten to fifteen minutes only...





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Arts Work


Number of Rose Rocks

Baryte Mineral


The Rock Rose is the Oklahoma Stone, since 1968!...

You can acquire 3 or 6 or 9 medium sized


Found in Oklahoma per myself, the rock rose, age of 250 millions years old!











To buy some wood lumber and tools, wood machines...

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