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Canoe Forsale


Email Client Setup Guides setup
ATT Email Settings - - 465

Moon Phases and Voids

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Usefull Connections

Convertion Free Online Site That Converts Between File Types

Open Source Software and Free Software

* Open source descriptions for Business use

* Drupal - Liferay-mindtouch deki wiki

* List of OpenSource Software

* ottawa user group

* OpenSource Scripts

* Osalt - Open Source as Alternative

* AgileWare Company Built on Opensource



* Opensource, sugarCRM, Windows 7, Hidden Devices

* Opensource For Windows

* Tomcat and IIS connection

* great-open-source-apps-for-admins-and-technicians















* Archiving reference

* Best of 2008

* intalio partners - alfresio, other open source initiatives




Utility Software

Hiren's BootCD 14.1All in One Bootable CD which has all these utilities

Free Software

Email Debugging

Email Address testing


eMail Tracer

This tool analyzes email headers and presents basic information about an email massage in an easy to read table form.

Testing SMTP AUTH connections

DNS Tools

Dns Diagnostics

Access Database Recovery

Access Code

Computer SpeedUP

Other Links

Sip phone by CounterPath

XML Notepad

Software Awards


Some Wiki Software

listing of available resolutions

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Email Large Files

The ARC standard

The remaining lines are in a cryptic notation that can be blamed on the ARC (RISC computer people). Let enough technicians attend enough meeting and they will produce something like this. A computer can have more than one disk controller. Some controllers may be IDE and some may be SCSI. A controller can have more than one ribbon cable (or bus). A cable can have more than one disk. A disk can have lots of partitions. Adapters, cables, disks, partitions, how many were going to Saint Ives?

The ARC standard allows an operating system to be on any partition of any disk on any bus on any controller. The first word is “multi” for IDE (or for a SCSI disk controller masquerading as IDE to the BIOS), and “scsi” for a SCSI controller that cannot be accessed through the BIOS. The string “multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)” is ARC notation for “the C: drive”.

multi(0) is the first IDE disk adapter carddisk(0)rdisk(0) is the first IDE disk on that adapter cardpartition(1) is the first Primary Partition on that disk\WINDOWS is the directory that contains the NT operating system.

blogsweek Content management

Flash website

Songs of the 73's

CSS Notes

  • Choose a directory
  • copy to that directory
  • link to copy
  • setup as overide for all


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