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EXCLUSIVELY, Repairing Sliding Glass Doors

Affordable Sliding Glass Door Repair

Florida's tested and most experienced sliding glass door repair company.

Make Glass Doors Roll Better Than Ever

We come to your house to fix your door on site and usually fix them right on the first trip.

Licensed & Insured

Hello! I am Mason Ball and have been fixing sliding glass doors since 1985 and have successfully fixed thousands of them.

I have a business license, carry Contractors Liability, and lease my helper through a company that handles his Workmen's Compensation insurance.

Service Areas

  • Fernandina

  • Jacksonville

  • St. Augustine

  • Palm Coast

  • Flagler

  • Daytona Beach

Top-rated Services

Whether it is Yelp, Yellow Pages, or Angie's List, Affordable Sliding Glass Door Repair works very hard to maintain a high stars rating and stellar reviews.

The door repairman encourages those curious to browse his reviews- links are provided.

Efficient Repairs

At Affordable Sliding Glass Door Repair, I am equipped with all the tools and spare parts to repair most any kind of sliding glass door on the first trip.

With my services, you will be assured of efficient and experienced services for residential glass door repairs, including condo's, apartments, hotels, town homes, mobile homes, house boats, or houses. I have even fixed some doors on a dog house.

We also do our own work and do not outsource any of it.

  • 904 349 4779 (calls and texts)

  • 386 843 4555 (no texts)


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