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Cream of the Cool

The who? Why? What are we thanking them for?

The phrase "Thank the Phoenicians" appears on various t-shirts and other places where catchy phrases are printed. The full phrase is, If you can read this, thank the Phoenicians. This is a line from the Epcot Center iconic ride Spaceship Earth. On that ride, you're taken through world history and it's stated that the Phoenicians developed the alphabet, and thus "If you can read this, thank the Phoenicians." As a…

I haven't written about Covid-19 for a while. I am sure with the constant amount of reporting on the progress of the pandemic, my musings have not been missed. But sometimes I like to make records, just to remind myself of how my experience has shifted. The last time I wrote about Covid-19, it was to describe the custom of howling, a custom that has faded away. And we never decided that it would go away, it just dropped off. And there lies the problem.

I live in…

JC's work isn't known far and wide, but she's had a number of her plays performed at local venues and in small festivals. With restrictions easing up on social groupings (and being blatantly ignored-- I passed recently one group playing cricket in a park while another played volleyball. Neither observed social distance. I was quite surprised. I rarely ever see anyone playing cricket in Canada), she decided to gather nine people at a property belonging to a friend. We were to perform and discuss the…

Sonnet of the WeekJune 13, 2020

Get Up, Stand Up

We wait with bated breath for change to come,
As if the job belonged to someone else.
But no, it’s up to us to beat the drum,
To sound the peal of equality’s bell.

Stasis defines the establishment way.
Power will always subjugate the meek.
Their technique is to distract and delay,

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