Alesis USB Studio Drum Kit  

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    The Crash - YouTube
    Sep 8, 2007 . a Car crash , actually my first one with Adobe Macromedia Flash Cs3 Professional , so dont be so hard with your comments, but please leave a .

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  • how to make car game with flash 8 - YouTube
    Jan 15, 2011 . Making a car game in flash part.2by BrokenCak312291 views . How to make an Jump n Run game (Flash 8 tut) 1/3by xXMacMillanXx2753 views · car crash . you're own Car Game using Adobe Flash Professional CS5 AS3 .

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      car crash game flash cs3/MIDI for hardware and software

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      Advanced car crash game flash cs3 drum pads

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      Cymbals made for the studio

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      car crash game flash cs3 StealthRack and hardware

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      • Five-piece electronic drum set with USB/MIDI computer interface
      • RealHead drum pads feature genuine 8" mylar drum heads for customizable feel
      • Low-noise DMPad Cymbals: Hi-Hat, Crash, dual-zone Ride; Crash and Ride with choke
      • Dual-zone snare and tom pads for a wide palette of sounds from a standard setup
      • Ultra-fast triggering with software sequencers, recording software, and MIDI hardware
      • 10 TRS inputs
      • for kit expansion with additional pads, cymbals, and acoustic drum triggers
      • Includes:
      • Four RealHead 8" dual-zone pads
      • RealHead kick pad with stand, for use with single or double kick pedals (kick pedals sold separately)
      • RealHat Pedal hi-hat continuous controller
      • DMPad hi-hat cymbal
      • DMPad crash cymbal
      • DMPad ride cymbal
      • StealthRack black drum rack, complete with all mounts and cables
      • Trigger"iO trigger-to-MIDI USB interface
      • Software CD
      • USB cable
      • Quick start guide

      Tutorials Game Development: 30+ Flash & FLA Files | Ozone Eleven
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      USB Studio Drum Kit Specifications:

      • Trigger Inputs: Ten 1/4" TRS
      • Footswitch Inputs: 1/4" hi-hat continuous control, 1/4" TRS for up/down footswitch
      • Outputs: USB, MIDI
      • Presets: 20
      • System Requirements
      • Mac: OS X
      • PC: Windows XP or Vista
      • USB port

      a good beginnner set

      | Review By: Joshua Tipton | 1 year, 1 month ago

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      Adobe Flash Professional CS3 -
      Jun 21, 2007 . However, creating Web pages, interactive games, and videos in Flash CS3 is no one-two punch; the complexity remains a barrier for new .

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      jazz/ fusion
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      pittsburgh, PA

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      ok but really good

      | Review By: drummer with heart | 1 year, 2 months ago

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      i got this kit and i took it out of the box and put it togeter i got it up and running theres alot of differnt choices in this kit but the kick drum sounds great i would recomend this to an kid looking for a good kit to do as a hobby
      Do you own the product?:
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      any thing but country
      Where you live:
      altoona pa

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