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PetitionParliament To Publish The Russia Report -- Here'sWhy

British Government Thieves & Liars:Stole 3.7Million votes from British citizens overseas(inc. 750,000+ inEU); Lied that Brexit Referendum was Democratic; Liedon Red Bus (£350m/week) etc; Ignored Brexiteerillegaladverts funding fromsuper rich/ speculators; Illegalysuspended parliament; Suppressed the Russianinterference report ... Forcing Britsin EU to take foreign nationality. 110countries allow votes abroad, but notUndemocratic Britain. Last time UK denied so manyvotes abroad it lost the American war ofindependence. Scotland, N. Ireland, or London nextfor independence from Little Britain?

Mail List about Stolen Brexit: May also considereg Flag Burning ?, The UK will continue to remainignorant of Stolen Votes unless something dramaticdraws attention.

  • Parliamentstole right to vote from British citizens inEU.
  • PMlied to EU that Brexit was Brexit wasdemocratic.
  • Brexit threatens existence of British resident inEU.
  • Last timeParliament oppressed citizens & denied right tovote, ended in American War Of Independence. Thistime government readied an initial 3,500troops Then contracted GBP13.8m for a ferry service to a minute company with Noships
  • What is Democracy ?
    • If Fagin's Den excluded you & held ademocratic vote - to rob your house ... Is thatdemocracy ?
    • If a parliament decides to rob 750,000 of itscitizens resident in the continental EuropeanUnion of the right to vote - Is that democracy?
    • If a parliament gerrymanders a Leavereferendum, where near all of 750,000 would havevoted Remain - & they force Leave, & nearthe whole country makes no acknowledgement foryears that your votes would have been over halfthe difference between Leave & Remain, &there were massive lies, big fines for fraud,& alien Russian funded manipulation, - Isthat democracy ?
    • If Leaving will just force an an economicdownturn on the country, but Leave threatens the750,000 citizens abroad with losing their jobs,health treatment, pension, movement, education,professional qualification rights etc, &being thrown out of their country of residence ?- Is that democracy ?
    • When parliament steals our rights to have anMP in constituency to represent us, or complainto - Is that democracy ?
    • When parliament steals our votes, but demandswe obey their laws we elected no one to helpformulate - Is that democracy ?
    • Is a law passed by a parliament after theystole your vote, something to be respected ? OrImmoral ? - Is that democracy ?
    • Can a thieving gerrymandering state enforcetheir laws ? Do they even have the manpower &legal jurisdiction ? - Is that democracy ?
    • Are you in a legal jurisdiction that wouldn'tco-operate with a vote thieving parliament ?
    • Might you qualify for political asylum as avictim of a vote thieving undemocratic Britishparliament ?

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