A letter from Your 2020 FSPMA President

FSPMA is committed to the safety of its members.

We are even more vigilant now with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and ask that everyone please stay safe, and at minimum, practice the CDC guidlines provided here:

Many of you have spent years working and training for this and you are the forefront of providing the prevention.  You are OUR first responders in our facilities during this crisis and we greatly appreciate you.  FSPMA is a family and the Board members of FSPMA are available to help any district or department with any questions or needs in keeping you, your staff, students, visitors and sites secure and safe. 

2020 Conference Update

The 2020 FSPMA Conference has been canceled

Due to Covid 19 and other uncertainties, the Florida School Plant Management Association Board has voted, unanimously, to cancel the 2020 Conference.  Please check back to our website and to your area board members for virtual and local training classes available in the coming months.
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Our Mission

Our organization was established in 1960 with three (3) main objectives.

FIRST, to determine the nature, extent, and quality of non-instructional services required for the educational program, and to promote the development of these services by establishing the acceptable policies, standards, and practices.

SECOND, to develop a working relationship with school administrators, managers, non-instructional, and instructional personnel, to foster, the programs through adequate facilities and environment.

THIRD, to promote the professional advancement of school plant maintenance, operation, safety, energy management, and environment.

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2019 Conference 

FSPMA  at the Caribe Royale

Thank You for your interest in the FSPMA!
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