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Injuries can arise from a variety of causes but typically result from an automobile collision. After a crash occurs the local police department will respond and file a State of Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report which may indicate that you may have been injured in an accident. 
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Any individual can view the Accident Report including attorneys and health professionals who may contact you to offer professional services. More than likely you have many unanswered questions including:  

How do I contact the insurance company? 

Will they deal with me fairly? 

Should I even talk to them? 

It is at a time like this that you need an experienced personal injury attorney. If you do contact the insurance company directly you will likely have to struggle for cooperation from a company who will attempt to shift blame to you and understate the measure of your damages. It is probably in your best interests to at least call a personal injury attorney for a free consultation. Call Erdmann Law Offices.
I am available for appointments seven days a week. For my client’s convenience home visits may be arranged. The events following an accident can be very difficult but I can help set your mind at ease. I provide personal service to recover compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, as well as other damages such as medical expenses. I only get paid on the injury claim if I recover compensation for you. When calling always ask for Robert Erdmann, I am the one who will handle your case personally, from beginning to end.

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